I was inspired by a Ted Talk  about affecting your reality by changing the lens of happiness you look through. Some of the items on his list were:

  • Recording 3 gratitudes per day
  • Journaling
  • Exercise
  • Meditation
  • Random acts of kindness

So here goes with the first two.

I keep having thoughts go past and think that they need to be rooted somewhere more permanent than my brain. If I have problems remembering why I came into a room, how can I expect to remember my thoughts.

Thoughts change day to day, season to season (it’s f’n cold outside and I need to be somewhere warm and sunny. I think i’ll be having different thoughts in July) and year to year (my prostate is acting up again. I may look back on this fondly. Those were the days I had a prostate.)

So, today’s thought is about the stuff that gets wrapped around things. I was opening a box from something i bought on eBay. It was wrapped in some great moss green paper (i like the vanilla brown paper just as much) and like all other things that are wrapped, I can’t just tear it open. I need to get a knife and carefully cut the tape. Once done and the contents extracted, the paper goes in the garbage or the recycle bin, but it doesn’t matter what happens after. It’s the experience of either preserving something or tearing it apart. It affects my psyche.

And my psyche seems to be rather fragile these days. I think it’s a seasonal thing. So let’s keep it happy. Stay on the sunny side of the street for now until it gets too hot and I need to find some sombre.

Okay, short and sweet. I need to get back to the contents of the box – an audio interface. Happy psyche here we come.