I look at the night skate image and remember being on the ice with Quinn late at night in the middle of a snow storm. Not the best time to be learning to skate and shoot, but he was still keen. Simple tips made a big difference: bend your knees, lean back, choke up on the stick. I spend some time these days thinking about how the tips for stuff in life aren’t as simple and at some point won’t be needed.

It seemed like in the early stages of Quinn’s life, the commitment was overwhelming – he needed everything. As time passes, there is less and less. That’s the way it should be, but it’s seems a little sad. It’s hard to imagine how it was at each stage. There really weren’t any stages. Only a continuum.

What will stick with him as he becomes him? What will have made a difference? I think most of the things I learned from my parents were less about what they said and mostly about what they did.